How it works

Post your job

Post your job, including supporting documentation, to a network of RPEQs. Send your job enquiry to all RPEQs on the marketplace, or choose to invite select RPEQs to view your job enquiry, based on skills or availability

Receive quotes

Receive multiple, confidential quotations. All quotations are fixed price, giving you certainty over your engineering spend. Each job proposal is broken down into milestones for deliverables and payments.


View each quotation and engineer’s profile to review their skills and experience. Communicate directly with each RPEQ to finalise the work scope, terms and conditions, and invoicing. Select a competitive quotation


For each milestone, an invoice is issued by the engineer. Once you agree with the invoice, payment can be via credit card or direct deposit. Payment terms are 14 days, unless agreed otherwise with the engineer.

Job complete!

Professional engineering solutions delivered direct to you, by utilising the latest technology to reduce corporate overheads and red-tape, and minimise your engineering spend.

Register for free

Apply now for free to join an exclusive online network of RPEQs. The secure platform enables clients to post engineering jobs, which are distributed to matched experts across the network for review and quotation.

Update profile

Once registered, showcase your skills to clients by completing your profile. Share your qualifications, skills, work experience, and upload your CV. Nominate your work availability to receive job enquiries.

Browse and quote on jobs

Receive job enquiries posted by clients, either distributed broadly via skills-matching, or by select client invitation. Submit confidential quotations only visible to the client on a fixed price basis. All work scopes are broken into milestone deliverables and payments.

Get paid

Invoicing can be managed using the in-built invoicing tool. A service fee of 5% of the job value is charged to the engineer after completion of the job.

Job complete!

Professional engineering solutions are delivered direct to clients using the latest technology, minimising red tape, corporate overheads, and inefficiencies.